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What will happen to the most powerful bombs in the sea’s deepest pit?

Tomb bomb is the world’s most powerful nuclear bomb. The explosion in the power of 58.6 megawatts of power exists in it, so that around three times the world can be surrounded.

Mariana Trench is the deepest spin found in the oceanic basement. Its depth is up to seven miles or eleven kilometers. As width is three miles or five kilometers full of water.

So what if we do a suicide bomber in the depths of Marine Trench?

To do so, first it will have to safely reach the depth of seven miles. Water is a gram of cubic centimeters. However, the water pressure reaches up to 110 megapixel as much as the Mariana Trench.

The layer of a nucleus bomb standard will result in such pressure due to no flame flattened. The deadly bombarded by Mariana Trenche will continue to eradicate the radiation for centuries. There will be no explosion in this case as its charge will shrink to the crystalline mass and the thermomotive carrier’s shell will burst into the water. If the bombs are placed in the bottom of the water by using substances used in underwater research, perhaps the explosion may be experienced.

There may be a lot of things to happen.

One is to blow the bomb between three to five miles. This will result in a tsunami storm which will be four hundred miles high on the surface of Pacific Ocean. It will destroy all Japan and South East Asia. In addition, half of Australia and China’s eastern region will be severely affected by this storm.

American Pacific coastals will also be affected by its waves. Not only this, but the parts of the world will also come in some way.

Otherwise, a successful explosion in Mariana Trenches will be to be buried in a depth of five to seven miles. Mariana Trench has been on the surface of the ground separating two tectonic plates. At this place, a nuclear bomb will deteriorate the power of hydraulic effects. Which will start removing plates from their place which will bring a major disaster. A very intense tsunami will emerge at the sea level. In addition, the magnitude of magnificent magnificent magnesium tide will be seen throughout the world. It will come and tsunami come. After that, the place of blast will show a twin place. As a result, one of the volcanoes will fade. Which will continue for a month. It will afflict the world with acidity rain, it will end the sun contact.

Without the sun, the world will face severe cold for two years. The tsunami chain will continue. This disaster will reach the bride of the end of all creatures including humans in the world.

Under another possibility, a blast carried out in the depth of Mariana trainch made a hole at the surface of the ground, due to which the magnitude of Magma was firm. And another region should be taken to the surface of the magnetic field. At the same time all the radiation effects will be drowned which are described above. In addition, the explosion probably landed out of his head and got closer to the sun or so far.

The explosion of a tomb can also be earthquake. But after the nuclear attack in 1963, countries with nuclear power have banned such experiences in the world anytime. So there’s a lot of chances to do so.