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What is the killer tree?

New York City: This news is about a murderer tree that creates birds like a fascinating cow, and finally the bird creates a fierceness from hungry thirst.

There is also a kind of tree found in the world that is famous as bird killers. The Poonon Bornonia name is found in the regions of the Territory (Terracle) from Hawaii to New Zealand, while also on the island of the Indian Ocean and the Pacific.

The killer tree uses fried odorous seeds in the special types of flowers that grow on the branches for birds. These seeds wrapped in a lavish beast attracted the birds and the birds which are covered on the tree to achieve them, stick to the same kind of flesh.

This song is so powerful that the bird does not succeed in getting rid of her clutches, and finally stirred up with hungry thirst. Due to this tree structure and its killer characteristics, it is also called 146146 Bird Catcher 145145 or 146146 Bird Clarteen 145145 (bird killer) tree.

Canada’s University of Victoria, Alan Berger, says that the world uses many tree bird legs to cover the mountains in the past, but in such a way it is an unusual process to destroy a bird.

Even after researching in this context, it has not yet been learned that finally the tree kills these birds by biting them in their lavish lips. Furthermore, killing such a bird has not seen any difference in the development of this tree, even if it is a good place to sit in the tree birds, birds of birds can be helpful in the development of this tree. Is. That is, these birds are more beneficial in living conditions for this tree, not in a dead condition.

The story is not over, but a US-based wildlife department reveals a surprising explanation that despite the status of the murderer for the birds, the bird is crowded at the tree.

He says that it has rarely been seen that there is no bird on this tree and it is an unusual act whose secret is not yet known.