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What is the change in thumb before death?

The enlightenment has provided many ways to make speculation about human personality, including reading hands, writing fate on writing, and other functions. But in the Palmistry hand thumb has a great significance.

According to the pistols, the thumbs and the size of the thumb show that the person is physically weak, even before the thumb death comes the alarm.

The thumb is connected to the brain. Take a look at the changes made in the thumb, if it loses its power and falls on the heel, it is considered a sign of death.

Because this is the only reason why you are due to weakness of death. If there is a throat and anxiety in thumb, it means the forces are temporarily responding to the disease.

Chubby, tall and small thumb people try to fulfill their tasks in a bold and vivid manner. The habit of such people does not fit.

Long and beautiful thumb people get good habits and always work wisely.Such people are decent.