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What does your ear say about your health? Know

It is a clean procedure to clean your ear every few days, but many people are aware that the chest refining information about your health.

Health can be detected with the help of colored rope.

Gray (Gray) color

If clearing the ears of the ear, after seeing the May May color in Rai, it is not a matter of fear, it is a symbol of mango dust only. This is due to the air pollution caused by the dust environment.


When you see the blood in the rope while you see blood, it is possible to get your air drum into it, so that your ear may be affected by infection, which may result in effects of autism and power. That is why the doctor must refer to this matter.

Brown (Kitty) color

If there is a dark look in cotton, it means your body is passing through a tired time. That’s why in such a situation you should rest sometime and get a good atmosphere in a good environment.

Black color

If there is black color once clearing the ears in coli, it is not a matter of distress, but if there is a feeling of intake in the ear, then you should show the doctor as black color is a symbol of fungal infection.

White color

The white color indicates the lack of vitamins and micro aliment in the body, especially iron and copper.

That is why it is suggested that peasants and portions of your diet are included.

bad smell

If there is a lot of odor overlooking it, it means that the ear part of the batch has infected, in addition, the sound starts from the ear. Therefore, it is necessary to refer to the doctor.

Wet water

If the rubbish has been repeatedly separated after the purification of the ear, it indicates the swelling process, therefore it is necessary that the experts should take time.


Dry dough indicates that there is no fat in the body, it is possible that you are suffering from any skin disease due to which your skin gets dry.