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Video: Deploy special intelligent in your defense

Even octopus is also called integral or awakened in pure Urdu. These are specialists in their defense. Experts believe it is one of the few intelligent creatures in the world. Autocopus has set a long journey of 296 million years to get its intelligence and expertise.

Let us know and show you what it can do.

Often syrups contain chromatophurous cells, which can quickly change the color of the skin. Possible octopus can shield themselves in different forms of living. Its crocodile technique is far beyond just changing the color.

When there is a blue-colored octopus, the shiny blue color becomes more darker. It is one of the few poisonous water-rich animals in the world.

Cells in remote sand octopuses are not found cells, but they have other sources of protection. It leaves water in the sand and quickly transforms it into a dirty soil and hides itself.

Coconut octopus uses coconut shells, bottles or other items as their shells.Even this is also used to carry these things on the go back on eight feet later.

It is proven that these flowers are very intelligent with glaze soft.