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Viber’s new feature has become a threat to Facebook and Wats app

Wiber is a Messenger app like Wats app, whose users have reached 1 billion. Viber’s growing popularity is not only threatening for the Watson but also Facebook.

An interesting update has recently been introduced in this Messenger app, which can be the largest group chat group than any application.

This group feature has been named as the ‘Wyber community’. Which can be administered to one billion people.

Earlier this week, Wyber had quietly introduced the Viber communities, which could be considered as public chat groups primarily. It has no limit to the number of members, i.e. one billion people in a group.

It’s just a Facebook group like a network which has a separate app.

Wiber is giving a profit to consumers compared to Facebook, which will show only profile photos and names, keeping phone numbers hidden, not possible in Facebook.

It is believed that Telegraph also has a feature called ‘SuperGroup’, where one million people can be admitted, while the Wats app has no public group chat platform but features of a common group chat, which can accommodate 256 people. .

There will be super administrators and administrators to handle these group chat, while rules can also be made to invite new members.

Viber has mainly brought this feature in front of Facebook to take advantage of the restrictions on public publishers so that businesses prefer this app.

The company, according to the company, wants to build their business through these communities, will also introduce features for making money in the near future.

The company further said that Wyber wants to gather people for personal relations and joint goals, where people are free to connect with each other.