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Treatment of dysfunctional disease in root is discovered in a fish

New York:

 Researchers at a digestive fish system hidden in the rocky rocks found cure of diabetes complete end.

According to researchers, Cave Fish has seen an increase in insulin resistance and blood sugar levels in a bird missing in the sea of ​​Mexico.

These symptoms are found in patients with type of diabetes in humans as well as the genetic mutation of those fish matches the type of diabetes. Amazingly, these fish have a strong system of resistance to diabetes II, which has created hope for complete treatment of diabetes in humans.

Researchers at Harvard Medical University have written in a tutorial written on Tetra Mexican fishes that usually due to ‘high sugar levels’, high pressure blood pressure and bleeding trains make such complications, but amazingly these fishes It is not found, but increase in sugar level is beneficial for health.

In this journal published in Natural Sciences, this article states that due to a safe system found in tetra fish, these fish are protected from complications despite sugar level being high. Research has begun to know this secret, which has since been created hope science will now succeed in fighting diabetes.

Scientists have considered this research useful for understanding diabetes treatment. If researchers are able to understand the system present in the fish and determine the change of the genes, then it will prove to be the biggest news of the century for patients with diabetes and maintaining diabetes complications. I will succeed.