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These two daily routine use causes car pollution

The two things that are used everyday than vehicle washs cause air purification

A new shocking study reveals that Pyromom and Shampoo produce so much air pollution as a vehicle is generated by the engine.

Experts instructed consumers to use at least beauty products because it has a pm of 2.5 pt, which is a major cause of air pollution.

It creates respiratory psychiatrist in human beings, and the reason for the death of 29 thousand Noor Sadei children every year in America has also become a cause. Earlier, experts had imposed all the accusations of the deaths and deaths of traffic in air pollution, but now they believe that similar air pollution through protein, color fragrance and shampoo is generated as soon as possible. It is born of smoke.

Dr. Jessica Glamen from the US Environmental Administrator says that consumers should use such resources in the least quantity or use such things that do not have fragrance so that air pollution can be reduced.