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The rat is the best able to smell TB

Tanzania:A new study has shown that in the children of rat test compared to the normal test, TB has 70% accuracy potential.

Experts from the Mororuro Agricultural University, located in Tanzania, provided specialty to the mice by which TB can be assessed in children as it has been investigated in the Journal of Pediatric Research.

According to the research, TB patients exclude special types of boats which are ignored by normal tests, but the rat can recognize it. According to experts, modern African countries do not have modern laboratories and can contribute significantly to the identification of rat’s disease in this context.

Georgie Magdude, head of the scientific team, says many children do not have a diagnosis of bacterial levels, and therefore, their treatment is delayed. Therefore, in poor and backward countries children were feeling the need for a reliable and low cost of TB identity, which is now in the form of mice.

According to Georges Magdude, 68 to 70% of TB cases have been successfully identified. For this, a variety of major mice of Africa is found in the Crystromes Ensure Cow, that they can recognize the special smell of the Microwave Bacterium tuberculosis cell.

Georgius and his colleagues had a sample of 982 children under the age of 5 years, and first saw them from Khardabin at the best hospitals of Tanzania, when 34 children went to TB. After that mice came, they identified the disease in more than 57 children who had 68 percent more. Thus, their correct identification rate was noted up to 70% which is very encouraging.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Tuberculosis (TB) is still one of 10 major diseases in the world and keeps its feet in poor countries. In these countries China, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Nigeria and Philippines are listed. Every year, one million children are affected by which millions of people go to the mouth of death.


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