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The first guessing Google scanner for a heart attack


Google sub-company alababate scientists have recently published a research paper, which said a risk of heart attack in a person with a scanner and artificial intelligence (art intelligence or ai) It can be estimated.

Its detailed statement, Weekly Health, has been presented in Biotechnology Engineering, February 19, which has been said in the part of the eye that blood bellies are called retinal funds, which can be analyzed by heart rate. Is.

A Google-based Google Life Sciences specialist has created an algorithm that can quickly cover any person’s heart’s health and health without a test. After scanning, the AI ​​system of the algorithms checking the database of 2.5 lakh patients and told that a person is patient or not, for the first time the eyes of heart disease can be found.

Similarly, calculators of heart disease, referring to the age, sex, nutritional habits, cigarettes or lifestyle of a person, reflect the possibility of getting infected in the next 10 years or 5 years. Google experts say that in return, the funds can provide immediate, low-cost and accurate results by providing the same information.

Such software is called a dipping learning algorithm that can play an important role in covering the risk of blindness from cancer and diabetes, but after examining them further examine can be done by a detailed examination of patients.

Google Experts have written in their research paper that it is not a day when pictures of bloody blood veins in your eyes will be protected by finding out the risk of disease in a patient.