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The boat never sinks in Ireland


 Due to small and large boats every year, thousands of people become fatal every year, now in order to resolve this problem, Ireland’s experts have prepared a boat that goes straight ahead.

This island named Thunderchild, a Irish-born Irish company, Safe Haven, has prepared for the Navy. It will work for the help, help and rescue of the sea, sea and difficult situations.

The Thunder Child’s speed is 54 nights or 100 kilometers per hour and it is capable of competing with 10 people to handle marine tales. The most important thing is that its sinking is lazy and it turns straight on the back.

 Frank Collesky, managing director of Safe Haven Marine, said that three major factors have been published in it, the center of the center is very low, its cabin does not let water flow, and the boat’s power of bounce (Bionce) is very good.

The shortcut is that the boat keeps its bounce in every situation and that’s why it sinks very hard. Apart from this, due to the lack of center gravity, it turns back straight into the water and turns straight back. To maintain the boat bounce capacity, fill the boxes in it.

According to engineers, if a speedy and steep wave hits the boat, it will not be drowned. In the case of sinking a little bit, its center will be on the top of the boat, and the ship will return again and again.

In order to perform its practical performance, the company has tried to press it on a 180 degree through a crane that can be seen in this video. The first time he was kept in a vacuum, and the second time he tried to drown him with a few people, the boat immediately went straight.