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The boat carrying water and water used under Pakistan navy

Hover Craft or ACV is a boat running from the air. It also swings on the water as well as the ability to walk on the ground. It rotates smoothly on swelling areas or mood easily. It is run like a ship in the sky. In the middle of the washing machine, this strange convergence was brought to bring a large wing to the back of the boat to push the boat.

Soon he got popularity and began to become a big kind of craft in the world.It can also be called a Supported Vesel, which is used to drop commandos. It is also used for petrol and in ambush. It has a small radar installed and a heavy machine gun that protects itself. Different forces use different types of crafts.

Pakistan Navy has bought 12 hover crafts from Britain, which uses Pakistan Navy Marines. The Navy used hovercraft named Navy is 2000. It’s 3 tons long and 12 meters long. It can travel 20 soldiers and 3 staffs. Its 350 horse power engine wakes it up from 35 navy hours, it has a 7 digit 62 mg of eggs installed. Its range is 450 naval miles. Pakistan Navy uses petrol and delivery in addition to Naval Special Operations.