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Smart, safer network using WiFi is dangerous

Washington: The US government’s computer security company has warned that millions of devices using WIFI are in danger.

According to Cyber ​​Security Institute Watch, a major error has occurred in the communation system, with which hackers can enter the system via WiFi.

According to the watchdog hackers, Android phones can save password card numbers, passwords, chat messages, emails, photos and more via WiFi.

According to the agency considered part of the Department of Homeland Security, this major error in WiFi encryption is discovered by researchers of Believine University of Ukraine.

According to the report, assault protocols can be beneficial and can also change the information that is considered safely while taking advantage of this error in WPA2.

This error has been named KRACK (key reinstallation attack). Because it has to put a new key in the WiFi connection, which keeps the data private to data.