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Scientists’ work, self-sufficiency in local corn from Pakistan


Pakistan scientists and domestic companies acquired 100% success in achieving self-profit production in the corn sector, for the first time on multinational and foreign firms in collaboration with agricultural self-help.

Addressing the function of Agriculture Journalist Association of Agricultural Scientist and the SED Association of Pakistan, addressing the event of the Agricultural Journalists Association, the seed of high quality is being developed from local resources in Pakistan, the production of corn in Pakistan has exceeded 61 lakhs annually. The future seeds from the local seeds can increase by 100 to 300 percent, the Pakistani seed is cheaper and standard than imported, which can increase the production of some times.

It is clear that maize after wheat and rice is the third largest crop, which produces 85% of the country’s production in Punjab and 0.5 million shares of the country’s total production of 13 million 34 thousand hectares.