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Real-life savvy and machine guns

Singapore: On the back of normal eyelashes, successful tests of controlling their flight by putting electronic circuits and transmitters, and very soon they will be able to save human life.

Scientists at Nananging Institute in Singapore planted electrodes on the molecules of male adolescents, Male Tourquota, which control the flight, while electrodes were controlled by their back-on circuit. Thus, the Bravo turned into live robots. Scientists sent flying electrodes to a minor electric shock, they started flying in various directions, and also successfully reduced their speeds.

Instead of making a fly-packed complicated machine, almost completely converted a live insect into a soft robot and has made several important parts for it, “experts said. This major discovery report has been published in the journal named Rob Robot.

With such a living insect, we can take our own work and force it to fly on the path of thought. After this significant breakthrough, the survival of surviving robots is very close.Accidents and disasters from these robots can be taken into account the main task of finding and helping humans.

Dr. Herotakova Sato, head of the research team, said the search of humans can be done by applying heat sensor and carbon dioxide sensors. Experts gave electric muscles a wound of 150 mm to lightweight and interrupted 50 milliseconds, which led to the well-being of the villagers. The good thing is that during the flight Bhanora knew the electromagnetic strokes and kept changing it. Thus, every 200 millennia seconds, after the optimization of the winds, 79% accuracy was ensured in the flight.

The breeds of this generation survive for three to six months. Scientists will try to control the rise of electronics in the next phase.