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Ready-looking fixtures make amazing i-drops

Tel Aviv, Israel: Scientists have developed such a revolutionary I-drop that can be seen far and near, while repairing the harsh Quranis is also possible.You must surely see the ads of salvation from Aynak in Pakistan, but now without any operation, it is possible to justify the eyes and eyes of the eye, without any operation.Experts from the Barclays University of Zedek Medical Center in Israel have made Nano Drops that can coincide with the eyes of both and near. Currently they have been tested only on pig’s eyes and their amazing results have been recovered.

David Samaja, who created these diameter, says that the process of correcting eyes through iDrops is a completely new concept, in this process nanotechnology has been used.A huge area of ​​population around the globe is disturbed by a near or distant view, and is using contact lenses or ants for it. Only 5 to 10% of the population in the United States is a weaker sight, while 42% of the American senator is disturbed by a close view.

David says that for this the first patient will launch an app from his phone so that the laser pattern can be reviewed by your eye-reflecting cures. However, the Israeli scientists did not describe its description and it would be too tender to say how long the patient would have to drip them in the eyes, while most importantly, the trial of human trial is far away.

In addition to the work of Israeli experts, many scientific institutions are working on new technology to cure human nature. They continue to stabilize Macular de Generation through stem cell and restore maintenance, while on the other side, computer chips are also investigating biodiesel eyes.