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Now Touch Phone Images


Pakistani engineer Dr. Ali Israr and his colleaguesin America have started working on a touch screen, which shows silk cloth, will feel lazy on touching and feel scared over touching a tree.

Al-Israr is a specialist of Disney Labs, a specialist of hepatic engineering, which can be touched on the computer and touch screen that will not only touch the touch screen to the next level, but also contribute to the help of blind people and education. You can

In addition, you can also feel the coolness of the ice and the light of the light. Under Disney’s Tela Touch program, the image works on several screens that screen the same as the touchers.

According to Ali Israr, the feeling of any item on the touch screen can be used by the blind people’s technology towards Dalla Karak, on the other hand it will get a new look of research and entertainment. He has developed a device named Tachwouwer, which removes the sound under the fingers of the fingers. This way helps blind people to speak and understand.

Similarly, if there is a picture of a poor image, its smooth parts are soft when touching, whereas the portions of its skin feel strong. Similarly, inspiration of the breath and sound evolution has also been included in the touch category.

In 2009, Ali Mysteries and his colleagues in the Disney Lab prepared the first Heptic Tablet model. For this he set several insulated sheets in a glass, and he had a special layer of insulation and named it for electro-voyage.

After many years of work, he has now made a tablet that can be seen by the jelly fish lipstick. Then he successfully transferred the feelings of hair, silk, jeans and rig material to the touch screen. Moreover, after further improvement, the paper and the well-placed wall also showed.

Their research in the Disney Lab is going on and they will now develop a truly realistic tablet touching them.