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Mysterious disease involves the list of ‘D’ WHO’s dangerous diseases

Geneva:Health Organization WHO has warned that a mysterious illness will cause massive widespread deaths spread throughout the world.

The World Health Organization has said that in case of illness, there has been insufficient information regarding this mysterious disease spread around the world, but the information received so far is very horrible. Currently, the disease code has been named ‘X’, which is being used to get more information on the subject.

According to WHO, the source of ‘mysterious illness’ has not yet been discovered, but my mysterious illness, based on the risk of disease, spread outbreaks and mass causes, The Motangered List “has a place in place” when it is equal to the sources and information to compete.

 It is also an amazing surprise that a disease that does not even get the name and its pathogenic information is not available but it has been included in the list of WHO’s most dangerous diseases, X ‘is given the name of the disease.

John Arne Rotatinj, Advisor of the CEO of the World Health Organization’s Research Council, Norway, told the International News Agency that the date tells us that any disease disease is ‘unknown’ to us before our start and As human beings are attacked, after which they are investigated and drugs, vaccination and injection are prepared, but there has been a lot of damage.

He added that it is very surprising that a disease whose appearance has not yet happened, but it can be included in a list of dangerous diseases, but it also indicates that we face any ‘unknown’ attacker. Already preparing for.Statistics show that after some viruses such as Congo virus, Chicken Gone and Ebola and Marburg, some of them may appear in the form of genital disease.

He said Zica virus and zonotechnic virus were transmitted to humans when the world was taking over the global village and the mixture of civilizations was mixing the same way, gurosomes are also adapting themselves into a new python genre. The tent of creation can also be proven, and this can be mysterious but extremely dangerous illness, which can cause mass destruction to spread like a bird.

It is clear that the list of dangerous diseases was published in the first time of 2015, which is then analyzed on mysterious illness, identification and understanding of the yearly basis. Under the results obtained from this analysis conducted in February this year, they have been placed on the list of mysterious diseases, as well as to give immediate attention to the Congo Hemoriginal Fever, Ebola virus and Marburg virus. No information has been received yet, for this disease is called ‘X Disease’.