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Microsoft Pakistan announced the imaging cup of 2018

Karachi: Microsoft Pakistan announced winners for Pakistan’s Imaging Cup 2018 at a Producing Ceremony in Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. The study team was organized to promote new innovations and innovations and utilizing various capabilities to offer different innovations.

According to the latest team, Aman was the winner among the 28 selected for the final finals from the country, which presented the idea that a cheap device can be worn, through fatty health monitoring by Pakistan and globally. The deaths can be reduced.

Dr. Arshad Ali, HEC Executive Director, congratulated the winners of this year’s national finals, saying that this immunization cup has been organized to present new innovations and innovations.

He said the imaging team enables the use of its capabilities to deal with real social issues through Technical Biology Enterprise Program. During this competition, students have presented new innovations and innovations, and many companies participating in this can benefit from companies, “he said.

He said that we are proud of our students who have participated in this competition and I am confident that they will create bad names for Pakistan.The winning team will now share a million dollars in the US, which will take part in teams from around the world.

In the microsoft imaging cup, teams from across India and Pakistan took part. This year, students from over 56 different educational institutions participated in this competition organized by Microsoft and HEC partners and presented in more than 102 projects.

This number is 40 percent more than 60% higher compared to 2016 and 2017. Higher education commission is working together with academia and students to highlight Pakistan’s educational identity.

Pakistan has been ranked in the Middle East and Africa in the first place that most of its students presented their projects in the Imagine Cup. Similarly, Pakistan is ranked third in the world in order to keep its projects in its various universities.

Students of backward and deprived areas participated in the imaging cup.Hyderabad, Jamshoro, Sukkur and Quetta also keep their invention in the imaging cup.

The projects and inventions of these students were first reviewed at regional level and then selected projects were presented at national level competitions.

“In micro-condition, we are attracting students to their ideas to improve their work and make changes,” said Abid Zaidi, Country Manager, Microsoft Pakistan. We understand that students can change and improve their innovations and inventions, and in this regard they need to provide guidance in the right direction. He said that this cup is happy to hold, as a technology company, students and youth want to prepare for the future.

Immigration Cup is a part of many micro-computer efforts through which he is working to develop skills and innovations in the students and youth.

From this global level, the capabilities of students and youth will be burnt, and within them, the skills will be created for new innovations and innovations, which will make a positive change.

He has always been ahead of the Middle East countries in relation to presenting Pakistan projects historically and in future, youngsters and students of Pakistan will perform the best and well-being.