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MBA degree holders should not be employed: Allen Musk

Allen Musk says MBA degree holder should not be given a job.

Alan Mosk is the owner of Space X Company, recently his company has launched the world’s largest rocket in space, while along with its private car, ‘Tesla Roadster’ also sent into space, in which space creatures Several messages have been written for.

Allen said during an interview that the MBAs should not be given job as much as possible, not to teach MBA programs how the company is made.

The US has an average of $ 60,000 for MBA degree in the US, whereas even in Pakistan there are approximately 3 to 4 lakhs for MBA.

Despite this, 41 percent of graduates remain unemployed. While 90% of those who are successful in getting jobs, they do not work according to their degree.

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Meanwhile, Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer, Sherl Sandberg, says ‘MBEs for Facebook are not necessary’. I do not think they are important for the tech industry.

When large companies like Facebook and eBay are unable to keep on MBE conventions, there may be no longer MBBs in the future and they should be considered irrelevant.

It is better to waste time in MBA only in your intensive time and apply this money into a business idea.

An MBA holder is likely to get jobs in a big and successful company. More people than MBA holder are preferred.

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Says Scott Kick, director of eBay: “When an MBA comes to us, it has to be re-trained, nothing of what he has read will help him to create something new.”

The ideas of all those successful people are in their place, but in the end it depends on you which way you choose.

Do you think it’s time to spend time and money in MBA?