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Low sleepers get increased risk of depression: research

A new study has found that those who take sleep or less than 6 or 6hours a night, the risk of coding of these coconut increases up to 80 percent.

This study in the US found that if one hour is reduced from 7 hours of sleeping sleep, the quality of irritation increases by 60 to 80 percent.

Especially women are more impressed by illiteracy, due to which researchers believe that they get the risk of depression depression.

Earlier this year, the study of Birmingham University, published in the beginning of this year, showed that those who are unbelievers do not control negative thoughts or get their attention removed from the disappointment.

25 percent adults in the United States are suffering from sleep shortage, while approximately 7 percent of people suffer depression every year.

The National Slip Foundation recommends to sleep in the night between 7 to 9 hours.

Researchers from Georgia South University believe their research will help professionals from the health sector take care of sleep habits while mentoring their patients.

Researchers examined 20851 people. They participated in a survey conducted in the telephone in 2012.

The participants were asked how many times they felt that they were nervous, unaware, helpless, depressed, or their mental condition in the last 30 days.

They also told how many hours they take sleep in the day.