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Latest Shoot of Saba Qamar for Hello Pakistan

Revealing our March cover to present an issue where we celebrate choice as an empowered woman’s best friend. This month we put a spotlight on women who make the choice to live the life they want‼On our cover, the bold and beautiful Saba Qamar, a truly talented, professional actor, who raises the bar in her field every time! Travel to London, Bahrain and Karachi to meet women who challenge the ordinary, including empowered change maker Lady Ghazala Hameed.

Let us not forget iconic beacons from the past and present, women like the late Asma Jahangir, Benazir Bhutto and Ms Fatima Jinnah. Along with our regular line-up from the frontlines of lifestyle, entertainment and fashion, we present a gorgeous magazine dedicated to the girls and women of Pakistan!