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Just eat two bananas daily and then see magic

God has given humans a lot of blessings, with which food brings the body to the power that helps people to live a healthy and healthy life.

Today we are going to provide you with information about a few different nutrients that will surprise you, and you will also be insufficient to tell which ‘you will deny the blessings of your Lord.’


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There are all vitamins in addition to vitamin C in the egg.


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Only two bananas provide you with a working hard drive for up to 90 minutes. Banana contains 75% of water.


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Only 3 carrots provide you with the ability to operate 3 miles. They were first introduced as a medicine, but now it is also used as food.

Green T.

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Vitamin C in Green T is 50% higher than Black T.


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Honey is a masterpiece of power that never breaks.

Eat it

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It consists of 96% of water.

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If you want to save your sleep early in the morning, use apples instead of coffee it becomes more effective.

But Pear

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Compared to any other fruit but pearl is highest in the pearl.