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It is possible to make the old black and white image colorful

Google Images Editor already has countless filters and tools that make photos better and improve the editing. But now very soon new tools of artificial intelligence (ART Fusion Intelligence) are being presented, with which the old and Black and White Pictures will be filled with real colors.

Apart from this, the option to create stylish images is also included in the movie. Options below will be placed below the image, which will be important for other features including lighting, rotating image.

These changes have been announced in Google’s Ivo Developer Conference, in which the role of Art Intelligence will be very important and it will be placed on the main interface. “Our 5 billion images are collected daily through our tools and people like them very much,” says Google Photos Project head.

The Google Image Editor has also included options to improve some changes from one click. With a tool included in it, its new picture can be shared with the person in the photo. Another option is that of Pope Pope, which clarifies this section of the picture compared to the background, while darkening the background.

The ‘Clarrows’ tool is being featured in the Google Image Editor this week, which will make your rare black and white images colorful and beautifully colored. For this, Google experts have helped with computer vision and artificial intelligence. This tool will be presented by Google now after a variety of tests.

The Neurl network colorively matches the color of the image. If the black and white picture contains hay, it will become green. It is possible to include hair color on the human face and similar colors on the dress.