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Interesting facts about gold

Gold (gold) do not like Whether someone has a gold or not, but it is happy to get worried and knee while rising gold prices. But gold is not only a precious metal but also interesting facts.

That’s the facts.

* The largest piece of gold in the world got in Australia in 1869, weighing 72 kgs.

* The world’s largest three-producing countries worldwide is China, America and Australia that provide a third generation of global production.

* India is the cheapest country in the world.

* An implicit fact is that if the thickness of the thickness of 0.5 micron (Micron = Meter of Meter) meter is drawn from gold around the world, it can be wrapped around 1.5 million times around the planet.

* About US $ 7385 tonnes of gold is reserve in US Reserve Bank.

* Almost half of the gold exit gold is used in jewelry manufacture.

* Eatoes are used mixture because 24ct gold is very soft and breaks easily.

* The most popular use of gold in medicine is in relation to teeth, as it is also used to treat cancer. Gold is the best metal for bacterial resistance.