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Interesting and unique features of ordinary animals

The department is one of the most exciting branches of physiology. In this world life is implored. It is as complicated as this sector is interesting. Of course, besides our information there will be such things that nobody has told before today. We will give you some information about the biology area that will be new and exciting to you.

* Sholera or sprawheck can cause the cause of fire in the jungle bushes

Zolajistus in Australia has seen that the slices or cheeks move in a folding column or straw in their stomach and move from one place to another. Due to this the bushes are burnt. The special reason for doing this is to get rid of your victim.

* Static Frog

An awkward frog found in Alaska is too cold when it comes to severe cold. The period of staying is 6-6 months. In this period, the organic body parts of the frog stop working and stop blood during the period. This process is called hybridation in science term. When the weather falls, the frog feels awake again.

* Geometry designing fish

A fish that makes a house for herself in the middle of the water to survive in the ocean environment. He makes this house from water level and sand particles collected from different places. But surprisingly, its home does not seem to be less than the designer of any designer.

* Zebra’s beautiful stripes

Zebra is known for its unique dyeing stripes. And its design is considered to be a chemistry. But it is not exactly that. Zebra’s stripes have created to prevent blood sulfur insects and watches. The lightweight wavelengths in these strips lead away the insects.

* Alcohol waste disposal

Gold Fish removes the liquid called ‘ethnol’ from its body. It is only in severe cold when water starts reaching temperature. Specific proteins present in the fish convert lactic acid to alcohol. It saves alcoholic fish from cracking when melting after the nerve.

* A shark that can not be taken by humans

After Shark Fish, the world’s second largest fish is ‘Biscing Shark’. This fish can not swallow a human or other fish in place of being too large. Because he only makes ‘Platinct’ his own diet.

* The world’s largest lizard

Comodo dragons are very weak despite being the world’s largest lizard. Although its poison may be extremely dangerous and known. But if this lid only tries to bite, its teeth and skulls can break.

* Coca-beer

Bharat’s Breed, Kuala Beirers are known for their innocence. These small bears are very sweet. But apart from what they add, they have their five marks. According to the research, these marks are equally similar to the person’s thumb or fingerprint. So that experts can not even tell the difference between the fingerprint of man and Kuala Lumpur.