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In the future, this can be done with the help of phone sweat

In the last few years, smartphone companies introduced new features for security improvement, including fingerprints and feature fixtures.

But in a recent research, it has come to know that man’s sweat is so unique that in the coming days, it will be used to lock the phone in the same way as fingers are used to mark signs or faces. Is.

Researchers have claimed that the amino acid available in our sweat can be used to detect that the whisperer has a mobile phone.

This can be the safest way to keep your private information safe in the phone because sweat impression can be very difficult for falsehoods.

Jane Hollamick, a German assistant professor of Albanian, said that the mechanism of blocking would be based on complex biological systems, which could not be known to anyone besides the phone owner.

Of course, it sounds strange, but according to Professor Hallamak, this feature can raise the reality in the next 5 to 10 years.

This feature may prove to be good for those for whom it is difficult to remember the password or those who can not ring their finger on the sensor.


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