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Improve your Facebook privacy

Facebook is the world’s largest social networking website , which uses 1 billion people daily. But they do not know how many risks are to their privacy.

Here you are giving some useful tips regarding Facebook privacy protection that will definitely be able to maintain your privacy.

* Turn Red Recipe, it will not be from any Facebook option, but you have to do with your PC settings.

* Download the Cruise Rider Chat ڈیٹڈڈ, it also works in Chrome, Firefox, and Explorer. But this is just for discs.

* Turn off the ‘Live Activity’ timeline in Facebook Messenger. It’s easy, but for that you have to install the Messenger application .

* What do people see on your profile ? Control it Click on the lock button, who can see my stuff open and

Click as View. Your profile will be public like this, but people will only see what you want.

* Click the dropdown button below the post and click the Custom button. Here you can add people you do not want to show your post.