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Important fiber-rich foods for the body

London: The nutritious or fiber diet gives a feeling of stomach on one side, on the other hand, the entire system is very useful for hemophysics.Regular use of these nutrients controls blood pressure and cholesterol, while it also protects from obesity and diabetes.Modern research has shown that giving importance to fiber nutrients every time can be protected from many types of cancer. The article is offering an overview of the most important foods.

Remember that experts emphasize 30 to 38 grams of fiber daily, which we can get from the following nutrients.

Black bean

BlackBerry or Black Bean are common in Pakistan. A cup of 15 gm is found in one cup. In addition, a deep purple mixture is a powerful anti-oxidant. This antioxidant does not give up heart disease, and the rich protein obtained from the plants is also filled with coat coat.


A cup of juice contains 8 grams of fiber. It contains vitamin C and anti-oxidants that are useful for health in all ways.

Branch cabbh or brokoli

We have already mentioned the benefits of Brooklyn. If a cup of broccoli is eaten, it contains 5 grams of fiber. It contains calories and high amounts of foliage. Due to its physical benefits, it is also being called super food. In addition, it is very useful in heart and diabetes diseases.

sweet potato

There is a four gram fiber in a cup of thanksgiving.Thanksgiving potassium and vitamins A also have a treasure. Its regular use helps the physical system to fight diseases. Muscle strength and elasticity are also in its main advantages. According to American experts, it excludes out of the blood sodium disorders.


An apple is found up to four grams of fiber. Apart from this, apples will have enough to say that eat an apple daily and doctor. But remember that the fibers present in it are very special, which have great effects on the health.


Massage pulses are fiber treasures and one cup contains 15hot fiber. Apart from this, pulses are protein rich.