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If you are getting rid of hair then you have a problem

When beautifully beautiful hair starts to fall as a fall of autumn leaves, often people do not understand the distress of what to do and go. Such a particular oil is rubbed in the head, so that any expensive tablets are covered, but less important attention is to those factors which are the root causes of hair loss.

Scientific experts say that two major causes of hair loss are lack of thyroid hormones and iron, and problem solving can be solved by solving these two problems. Thyroid is a flower in the front of neck neck that produces thyroid hormones. The problem of hair loss due to lack of this hormone is born. If you advise a good specialist health, you can find thyroid hormone deficiency and also suggest medicines or supplements to reduce the deficiency.

Iron deficiency is the second reason for hair loss. In order to avoid iron deficiency, you must use red meat, green beef vegetables, especially pets, and so on fish and rearrhea etc. Like iron, some more minerals are also essential for hair health. These are zinc, audien, and silenium. They should be obtained from diet or other food supplements.

Other common causes of hair loss are mental and stress also an important problem. In order to avoid mental stress, regular exercise and active lifestyle is essential, regular exercise can also be beneficial.

If you have problems with gastrointestinal disorder, its indirect relationship can also be with your hair. Hair health is essential for your work to work correctly. So chicken foods should not be used more. Try simple and easy foods.

Balanced food for hair health is of primary importance. Although your diet should normally have high carbohydrate and fruit and vegetables, but make sure that good type of grease and protein are also an integral part of your diet. It is necessary for you to make a regular part of your diet for dry fruits, chickens and fish.