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Hyperlop; New fast source of transportation

In the social evolution, the role of scientific science has been key, revolutionized in all the fields of life is left for the progress of science and technology, and this process is continuing.

As in other fields science and technology also have time to make changes in the transport sector as well. In ancient times, man was dependent on camels, horses, bulls, donkeys, and other cattle for transportation and rainbow.For centuries, animals were used to move from one place to another. Boats and ships were used to travel across the rivers and seas. That series continued for thousands of years.

Revolutionary changes in transportation began in the nineteenth century. In 1804, British Tractor, British engineer, earned a job in making engineer engines. Twenty-two years later, a new era started in the field of transport, when the first passenger train was started in England. A few years earlier the bicycle was invented in Germany.

In 1885 motorcycles and motorcycles were also visible.Thus, a revolution started in the nineteenth century, the sources of rituals and barriers came into existence. In the beginning of the twentieth century, the revolution took another turn, after which a person could fly on the ground for a fast and rapid journey.

Over time, transportation machine sources went better than the better. Changes in formatting and comfortable and safe, as well as their speed increased. Today, we see airplanes flying rapidly, highly accelerated rail vehicles (built-in trains), air-conditioned cars and motorcycles and ships, and ships, and all kinds of facilities.

Another revolution is going to happen now in transportation, which is being prepared by the government. This revolution is called “hyperlop”. It will be the best way to travel on the grounds. Traveling through the passenger landing route through this, the aircraft will quickly reach one another to another.

Hyper loop speed will be 1000 to 1200 kilometers per hour.This means that through this, passengers will be able to reach Karachi from Karachi only an hour. However, in the country like Pakistan, hyperlop system installation does not show any possibility in the coming six years. So far, a built-in train can not begin so far that has been progressing in developed countries for decades. Practical work in Europe and the United Arab Emirates has begun on the new transport system, as well as the establishment of hyperlop system installation companies from South Korea and India.

* What is a hyperlop?

Hyperlop is a transport system through which the passengers will reach their destination at the speed of the ship. The system will consist of small pubs or pods that will travel from one to another, while traveling within a long tube. There will be space inside this tube. Capsules display pads in the tube will not be placed on the surface, nor will they travel on a tracked road inside a tube like a railway.These strengths will move forward through the pressure in the air above the surface of the tube through the magnetic propagation system. A pod width will fit nine feet and it will accommodate 28 to 40 passengers.

* Ideal of the hopper loop

The concept of a fast-moving railway traveling magnetic power is just one century old. Hyperlop’s concept is similar to the same magnetic train which was offered by American peak leaves in 2013 and the owner and chief executive officer of Space X and Tesla, executive officer Alon Musk.Interestingly, Alon did not really have any interest in giving the idea of ​​reality, but by way of view, many companies came into existence, who are working on hyperlop projects.

* Hyperlop in Forever

Revolution in Europe has begun, where the first high-hop track of the continent is being tested on trial basis.Toulouse, a city of France, has been selected to take a track, and this is being done by the US company Hyperlop Transportation Technologies. In the past weekend, the American team’s research team received low-pressure tubes in towels, which would be added to a hyper loop track-tube tube tunnel.

Depending on the safety of earthquakes and seasonal effects, the hyperlop track will be at a height of several feet. The columns will be built a little bit a bit, and the tubes will be placed on top of them. The test track will be 320 meters. To complete the tube after the completion of the track, a passenger pod is preparing a spin company that is in the last stages. HTT says the second phase will be constructed a kilometer long hyperlink next year.

Hyperlop in Zimbabwe

It is strongly believed that the United Arab Emirates should occupy the United States and Europe in the race of hyperloop. This new means of transportation in the Arab country’s state of Abu Dhabi can be available to the public in 2020. The Hyperlop project in Abhisheb is completing the U.S. company Hyperlop Transparency Technologies (HTT). In the Arab state HTT will save a 10-kilometer long track near the Almaty International Airport near Abu Dhabi and Dubai border. A part of this track has been targeted to complete before holding an exhibition named Expo 2020. According to the actual plan, the total length of the hyperlop will be a thousand kilometers and it will be delivered to the Saudi capital of Riyadh.

US company chairman Bobop Gresta says he hopes to combine all the Middle East cities through the Hyperlop Network. However, under this first project of its nature, Dubai and Riaz will be combined with Abhisheb. Through these hyperlinks, thousands of passengers will travel daily, and transfer of luggage trade will also be processed.

* Criticized on hyperlop

Some critics believe that traveling in a perfectly closed capsule dynamic in the filling tunnel, which has no windows, may be unhappy and scary. They say that traveling in almost closed tube will be likely to create noise and inspiration inside the pods. In this case, traveling for a few minutes within the closet can be a fierce experience for travelers.

Apart from this, it would be very difficult to track hyperloop tracks straight into the cities situated on remote distances and there is no turning point. Somewhere else the bounce will turn into the track. While traveling through a high speed, when the pids pass through this turn, the passengers sitting in the passage will work on the center, and they will be difficult to sit on their seats. Despite being tied up with the belt, this power-consuming force will make a negative impact on their body. Apart from this, what will be the option for a breakdown, an accident or an emergency in emergency? Because the hyperlop track – the tube will be completely closed to the end of the end.

John Hansman, professor of aeronautics and orthopatics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, says hyperlop track designs have problems. For example, if a part of the tube removes slightly from its original place, how will it be corrected? Apart from this, how will the ‘Eye Fleet’ be used between air cavity and low pressure air? Professor Jon also raised the question that if the trip goes on for electricity then what will be the restoration of the system? Richard Miller, professor of physics at the University of California, raises the idea that the hyperlop track will be an easy target for terrorists. They also raise the question that what will be done to prevent the soil and the soil from entering the tube?

All these questions will be correct in their place, but it is also true that practical efforts are being made to alter the concept presented by Alonkot. In addition to Europe and the United Arab Emirates, many companies affiliated with this technology have agreed with different countries. However, in these countries, the practical work on hyperloop was not started. Most likely the sights of these countries are located on Abu Dhabi and Toulouse. After working in these cities, work will start on hyperloop at different places in different locations, and after the next few years people will be benefiting from a new and extremely fast-track transport.