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How to save summer-related diseases?

The heat and heat of the weather tire you and also influences force. Due to sweating, the body reduces water. Apart from this, the heat of the heat takes away energy from the body. Experts suggest ways you can avoid being affected by a healthy summer season.

The most affected thing is the stomach and system digestion in the summer season. Seeing the growing temperature every year, it is very important to take care of your food habits and diet.

Common diseases in the summer season

* Gastroenteritis is one of the symptoms emerging in stomach diseases. This is an infection in the stomach and intestine. It contains a lot of vomiting, sperm and stomach pain. If this increases, diarrhea may result in diarrhea disease.

* Eucalyptic disease is quite common in the summer season. This occurs in the liver infection. The signs shown in this are bitter and tiny eyes, bitterly in the nausea and mouth taste. The liver adds to the liver due to the hepatitis A attack. The common cause of this disease is dirty water or poor diet.

* Typhoid is a high-level fever, which contains physical symptoms and weaknesses. Also, include stomach pain, headache, hand and back. It also starts due to dirty water and this disease is very common in the summer season.

* Food processing is bad food. This is a deformation infection between six to eight hours of eating food.

Some tips to avoid these common diseases

Drinking the maximum amount of water can be compared to 90% of the body’s diseases. Corrected water fats in the body correctly and moisture remains moisturized. Such diseases can be protected from diseases caused by intestinal intestines. Apart from this, water also helps in maintaining the body’s energy.

* Adding fiber and fiber in the diet can improve the system digestion. Fruit, vegetable and cereals are easy to digest, and the stomach does not have to work much hard. Fiber also removes a complaint.

* As the heat extracts the water from the body, consuming fatty ingredients in this season should avoid eating. The fat in the diet is not only difficult to digest, but it reduces water shortage. Consequently, there are problems such as obesity and cholesterol.

* Caffeine or coffee effect is hot. Reduce the amount of coffee in this season. It’s better to finish the bill. Use of coffee in the heat produces abdominal ulcer and acidity in acidity.

* Avoid eating food outside of the house. Eat only homemade food.

* Use most of the water. Do not forget to keep your water bottle out when you get out of the house.

* Avoid eating food. If the food is late, it stole it before eating, but heat it.

* If any of the signs indicated above, start the Urs drinking water. Increase water volume and use lime. If you are in trouble, please refer to your doctor immediately.