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How many types of space creatures are?

KARACHI:The mention of “space creatures” in Pakistani politics is from the former and present prime minister to the leader of the opposition and the responsibility of the Election Commission. But do you know how many types of space creatures are?Well, so far we did not get any evidence of the existence of space creatures but talk of science fiction, it has not been described as dozens of space creatures but hundreds of types. Below are the following 10 most popular creatures:

Gray Space Creatures

They are also known as “Gray Alien” and this type of space creature is up to 3 to 4 feet, but their head is bigger than humans. They also get results, but their faces do not have nose. Their hands are very long compared to the rest of the body, while they are considered as “tragic” by mood. Those who believe in the creation of creatures claim that by abducting humans and making “lapeness” for some time, and abusive with humans, this is a special habit of gray space creatures.

Small green man

This is the second most popular type of space creature that is small and is green. But space creatures are bald but there is no hair on their body. However, like insects, antennas are on their heads. Like gray space creatures, the small head of the small green men (Little Greenman) is also said to be very important from the human head.

North European space creatures

This kind of space creature is also known as “Nordic Allies” because it looks like the human beings of the North European race, because of their blend hair and white spirits.The similarities of this space creature to humans are particularly high, but its face is very tall and eye-colored.The material of this space creature is described as unusual attractive to humans.

Plyedine Space Creatures

“Plywoodian Space Creatures”, the owner of long tall, round face and elegance, is regarded as a very soft temperament, a human being and a loving lover in science fiction. By the way, they do not have hair on their heads, but if they occur, their color is golden, which puts their love on the moon four.

Andendon Space Creatures

This space creature is similar to humans that it is difficult to distinguish between humans and humans. However, the upper part of their seventh face is shown to be bigger than humans. This space creature is expert in telephthalmologists and can easily read human thinking. It is regarded by the stars of a solar system of our neighboring galaxy “Andendomida” (Murray Al-Maslis).

Homi Space Creatures

This kind of space creature is called English as “retinal aliens” in it, that is also expressed in terms of human beings and frogs. Their height is tall, but it looks like a frog is standing on two feet; because the first is like a skull like a frog, but there are similar flames like the frogs between their legs. . On the other hand, they are also shown to be the best one and the divergent who fall into the depths of the ocean, without using the oxygen cylinder.

Alpha Duconian Space Creatures

It is said to be the most dangerous, peaceful enemy and fate type of space creatures. Each of them is found to be evil that has been imagined for humans. With anxiety, 14 to 22 feet high and 1800 or more, it is also the most brutal and cruel type of space creatures. It also understands itself the most beautiful creature of this universe, while man is extremely desperate. Therefore, “Alpha Dronesians” consider themselves as the ruler of all creatures.

Cycling space creatures

In the night sky, a very bright star from the Earth is known as “Sirius”. These are actually two stars, we look as a star.Cycling space creatures belong to the planet rotating around one of them (Cyberis B). Although it also looks like humans in their form, but blue eyes on the face of the Syriac space creatures are significant, while in science fiction films, they present as space creatures living in the depths of seas and lakes. Is done That is, it can not breathe into the open air like fish and it must be in water only.

Anonaki Space Creatures

Those who believe in the existence of space creatures say that ancient Samiri, the “Anonaki” goddess worshiped in the civilization, is actually a space creature that has been coming to earth since thousands of years, while its purpose is to live here. To make your slave. This space creature is said to be from 8 to 9 feet, and it looks like a human being looks like humans. It is also said that “Anonaki” space creatures belong to our solar system’s outer planet “Nibiru” which has not yet been discovered.

Archaeological space creatures

According to science fiction, this is the “architecture” of the oldest, most experienced and most intelligent space creatures of our country’s Galaxy. It is usually 4 to 5, while its head is particularly large compared to the rest of the body; and the skin is slightly redundant. Physically, it is very uncomfortable and there is no balance in the feet of their hands. However, it may be fun in your mind and peaceful.