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How many hours sitting in the day can cause pre-death?

Medical experts agree that eating too much is due to many diseases, including premature heart disease, fluid and high blood pressure and due to premature death.

According to the Huffington Post foreign website, this risk is especially for those who work in the office and spend most of the day sitting. However, scientists have now investigated how many hours sitting on the day can prevent those risks.

For this purpose a massive study was conducted in the US, with 11 years of data collected around 7 million people. According to the data, the time spent on exercising and sitting in other work and other tasks was analyzed.

The results showed that risking diarrhea increases the risk of eating more than 10 hours, such as urgent attention to small symptoms indicating the heart disease.

According to experts, we might be happy because we just sit in an 8-hour office, but we should not forget to see TV watching, spend time with family or to eat food after coming home It is time to sit. It’s over 10 hours of total.

Clearly, according to a recent study, physically inactive people are harming the global economy of $ 67.5 billion. The global economy is facing this loss in the health sector.