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How does the firewall system protect social media users?

Federal government has announced an enforcement firewall system to protect social media users and block the misleading and fake news on social media.

But how could this firewall system protect social media users? Some experts have explained how this system would work.

Firewall system is a security system which monitors and controls network traffic. The main purpose of firewall systems is to block illegal, misleading and harmful content and make social media users safe and secure.

Now, the question is how the firewall system would block misleading and harmful content.

Firewall system will filter the internet traffic and it will be installed on internet gateways, internet uplinks, and downlinks.

Any fake, misleading, obscene and harmful content on social media platforms and websites will be blocked by the firewall system. Firewall will also block the content shared for propaganda.

Firewall will not only filter out and block the content, in fact Internet Protocol and IP addresses of the content sources will assist to identify the creator and take legal action against him.

The internet service providers are bound to install firewalls, the cost of the firewall installation will be borne by both government and internet service providers.

According to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) sources, companies providing internet services are bound to take stern measures and prevent the dissemination of illegal and misleading content under the licence clause.

Source: Dunya News Web Desk