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Home remedies

All our women wish that their house should be clearly visible, bright and shiny.

But if the spots in the house are small and different in different things, they seem to be lazy to see themselves, and the other people or guests who come to you do not even look at them, because they Abstract pin or thunderstorm is significant.

Often women are worried about how to clean these spots. For this, we are giving you some useful and car breakdowns:

* To clear the glass made of glass or glass made in the house:

Glass tables and chairs are present in every house, but clean and polishing these glasses is also a difficult task for which you have to take the following things: Alcoholic one cup, a cup of water and a vinegar The spoon Then mix these three things into a bottle bottle. Clean the glasses with this mixture. The glasses will shine as if it’s brand new.

* For TV screen cleaning: On the TV and computer screen often the soil layer is grounded, which is very difficult to clean. The Fabric Softener (FABRIC SOFTNER) is best used to clean it. By the fabric software, easily marketed in the market, but you can also be accommodated at home. For this, baking soda is a cup, hot water two cups, then mix both of these things well. When both of them become aware, slowly slowly add two lentils to the vinegar. Now fill this prepared Fabric software in a bottle. Now whenever you want to clean the TV screen or computer screen, apply the fabric on a cloth and clean the screen with it.

* For internal cleaning of dogs: window cleaning process is also a daunting task for women. The windows are easily cleaned from above, but it is hard to clean the corners inside them. The simplest way for this is to choose a painting and clean the windows properly.

* To make the heart soft and smooth: To soften hands first, then wash hands with a good soap in the night, then apply petroleum jelly on it and wear gloves or glues. The hands will be soft and tender in the morning. You can try the same version for your feet.