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Great facilities provided by employees on Facebook

Who does not want them to work in a company where it has many facilities, there are many companies in the world who think their workers like family and also provide a number of facilities. One of them is also Facebook.

Facebook not only wants to see your customers happy in all ways, but also providing facilities to those who make their professional life more interesting.

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Here you are telling Facebook about the facilities provided by your workers.

* Laundry and driving cleanliness services are available for workers’ dresses at Facebook Manila Park Office .

Image result for Dry cleaning services at the Menlo Park office

* There is a wired car parking facility for workers in the Facebook Manila Park Office, where free charge system for electric vehicles is also installed.

Image result for valet car parking at the Menlo Park office

* Facebook has been administered medical and dental services in the office for its workers.

Image results for On-site health and dental care at the Menlo Park office

* There is also a number of luxury salons in the Facebook Manila Park Office, where you can make your favorite hair.

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* Facebook has also provided free meal and lightweight breakfast for the eager to eat food.

Image result for free meals and snacks throughout the day at the facebook office

* Facebook gives newcomers $ 4,000, as well as provides paid-up fees for free aid and adoption for AG freezing.

Image results for new parents

* There is an arcade of video games for Manila Park Workers, where you can enjoy the video game of your choice.

Image result for video game arcade at facebook menlo park office

* Facebook gives 21 days holidays to its full-time workers, whose company wins the entire month.

Image result for paid vacations

* The Facebook Gym also provides a health allowance for other healthcare activities.

Image result for gym

* Manila Park also has a bike rear shop for Employees.

Image result for bike repair shop at facebook menlo park

* If your home is a child or you adopt someone, Facebook gives you four-month-time pad-off in the first year.