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Flowing and vegetable

The rate of breast cancer in our country is increasing daily.

According to a research, Karachi, which is the highest rate of breast cancer in Asian countries, is Karachi. By the way, the number of educated and well-known women in this city is more than other cities, but regret that they are not aware of breast cancer as much as they should.

It is such a deadly disease that can be protected due to arrival, but due to lack of pneumonia, unhealthy, shy and other elements, the majority of women know the information not only on this topic. No remedies are taken due to which they do not diagnose the timely dysfunction, even if it is diagnosed in the early phase, the disease can be prevented from growing.

At present, our media keeps on providing information and awareness on every topic. Information about breast cancer is also provided. TV channels are also provided facts-based information. Just our women need to focus on this. They should also be aware that in this regard there is no bullet or juice in their breast, no lumps feel, or that there is no increase.

Just feel suspicious, refer to the doctor immediately and memorize. Take a look at your everyday life and consider whether it involves factors that can cause breast cancer. The risk factor is the most important, such as your diet, weight, physical labor reduction etc.

If you have breast cancer infections in your family, specially and even more commonly, breast inspections should be done in every quarter and possibly a specialty for the breast, Memo Gram is also one year. It will be very useful for the time to be punished.

Apart from this, they are read women who come from this disease, they should provide information and care to their constituents, neighborhoods, and people, especially those women who have access to newspapers, T There are no or no ones who do not know how to read and are poor and also poor because because of this disease, many cases can be diagnosed at the earliest stage and if the diagnosis is diagnosed in the early stages, then its coconut Maybe possible

If one of your loved ones is breast cancer, then instead of organizing your memo, change your diet and lifestyle too. Experts tell that women who reduce fat use of foods, fruits and vegetables especially eat fiber-fried fruits and vegetables and regularly exercise, they reduce risk of cancer. According to an American research that uses more cabbage, spinach and other green leaves of women closed, those more than those women who do not use vegetables or do much less work have been seen in preventing breast cancer. . So start using these vegetables.

Experts also say that by vegetarian straining, up to 60% of breast cancer can be avoided. Apart from brokley, cabbage and cabbage, the use of green beans, nuts and grains can also help in breast cancer. Fruit use is also useful. This is because these items have more proportion of herbs, fibers and minerals that are capable of sprinkling cancer.

To avoid breast cancer, specialists advise women to use high-tech salads such as potatoes, carrots, spirits, syrups, tomatoes, cats, and locks, etc. of the spinach and its family. Please These are the ingredients that produce immunity in a small amount of body strength.

Experts say that garlic and onion blood cleanses blood and causes diseases to the body. Tomato contains vitamins A, B and C plus vitamin D. In addition, it is also stored in fryad, calcium and copper, sulfur and minerals. It is very useful and healthy. If the potatoes are eaten with peas, the body creates immunity in the body against choloric acid cancer in its skin.

Apart from vegetable, a variety of chocolate dark chocolate can be fought against the breast cancer. We do not say this, but researchers at George University of Washington say that cocoa’s leaves or seeds are found in proteins that prevent cancer from breaking or spreading sales. Researchers say that they have seen a quantity of proteins in the original component of chocolate cocoa, which is mutually standing in front of the breast cancer cells.

Experts also say that it also does not mean that women make it the basis for eating more and more chocolates, as well as other diseases as well. Along with moderate ingredients, use chocolate as well as medication. Bast can be a major cause for cancer, but some experts observe that food used in the early life can lead to diseases in women in the next life.

The observation also shows that breast cancer begins to bite women since the early years, so they should control the habits of eating habits so that the risk of the disease can be reduced.

According to American researchers, small children who are entitled to frequent French fries, are admitted to the risk of breast cancer after entering puberty, once every week, only once again frying excess risk of breast cancer, 27% Therefore, if children are accustomed to French fries, abandon their habit.

Increase the use of vegetables, fruits, grains and fruits in your life, and nothing else should be doubled by the amount of vegetable. Vegetables and fruits include health treasures as well as beauty treasures. Vegetables do not only make the growth of our hair, nails, skin and bone, but also by protecting the body in the body, protects us from diseases.