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Extremely deadly virus reached Pakistan in Delhi

According to the Business Inspector’s Report, the deadly deadly Zaka virus spread from the special mosquitoes has reached India. This is a very worrying news for Pakistan, because India is a neighbor of Pakistan and there is no delay in reaching Pakistan.

On May 15, the Indian Ministry of Health confirmed that in the state of Gujarat, for the first time diagnosis of Zaka virus in 3 people.

According to the report, from February to November, two people and this year, a third person has confirmed that it is affected by Zak virus.

Expressing grave concern over the verification of Zaka in India, the World Health Organization said, “In this future, this disease can spread further in India, so the Indian government will have to speed up its efforts to monitor it.”

According to the details, during pregnancy, Zika virus prevents in a very dangerous way during pregnancy, it prevents the child’s physical development, especially the infected child’s head, and the brain’s nervous system is severely affected. This virus also spreads through a special type of mosquitoes like a dengue.