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Even after vaccination, black cough started raising the head again

Ontario:Medical specialists say that the disease in children is coming to see ‘black cough’, which is likely to be better than ever before vaccination.

According to a recent study under Public Health Ontario, patients with ‘black cough’ are increasing so fast that could not be seen before. Medical experts say that rapidly growing ‘black cough’ can be controlled by modern vaccination. So that the disease can be prevented from spreading further.

Early in the University of Georgia, one of his researchers said that the rapid spread of ‘black cough’ is an incomplete vaccination nationwide, modern and up-to-date vaccine is not available to anyone, due to which this disease again It is thought to be mostly newborn children.

Black cough is also known as the presetus, which is in the form of an attack on the breathtaking of a particular type of bacteria ‘della paillatus’. It enters the body through the bacteria nose and mouth and causes the upper part of the respiratory tract and the lung infections, which constantly cures a cough, face the face of the face and causes breathing. These bacteria target mostly children.

It is clear that black cough can be stopped by protective cough. People who have been vaccinated, reduce immunity with the time passed, when the infants who do not have a booster vaccination, this disease may take place, and those people can take this disease to the children. Similarly, newborn babies who do not have full cough coughs, they are definitely in danger.