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Eat foods for a week and reduce weight

If you are not able to pay attention to your daily diet, remember this diet kit. Within this diet your change can be seen within a week or 10 days.

To adopt this diet you will have to eat a dough from the dough, which can help reduce the weight.

Eat your food, as much as you want, but it is important to eat these foods when you are hungry. Apart from this, this diet is very useful for your body because the help of these metabolism improves the functionality of your metabolism and also improves dependency.

For this reason most mask masks are made from the food.

That’s why today we tell you how to add food to your diet throughout the day.


Go from the market and take less greasy and unhealthy yogurt and fill 200 gm pieces of it. Mix both good and eat it with apple when hungry.


For lunch you will have to eat with a full-sized plate, dry slice, and over time you can also use other foods to keep your taste varied.

* The other recipe made out

Three loaves of wheat / two potatoes

Pile hundred grams of tuna fish / 2 eggs or 15 grams of white meat

Eat it

It is your wish that you choose potatoes or breads for this recipe, but with food and tuna, they may also eat tuna and if you do not like tuna fish you can also use white oil without any oil.

* Shake up

Between these meals you can always eat the sugar. You need to make things shake.


Bass Almonds and Walnuts

A number of apples


Digg a number

Apply apples, cats and spices without scratches. Then put some ginger in it and mix it after which your shake will be ready.

Put the shake in a glass and decorate it with almonds and walnuts immediately. Drinking this shake can provide you with all essential vitamins such as vitamin A, C, B, and other nutrients such as calcium, iron, magnesium and fiber.


For dinner you do not need to eat more food, but only eat 300 grams of fruits and make the fruit made by the fruit of your sidewalk.

* Best results

To get the best results or good results within 7 days, you’ll have to pay a full week on the same diet. Including dairy, fruit and cats for breakfast, eat a large plate in lunch, and have a loafed bread and eat a plate fruit in the dinner.