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Do not you even get the beard? Learn the reason

The beard is a mild part of the world and the main ingredient of Islam, but unfortunately, some men are not able to bear the beard, but they are light and somewhere else.

According to a research, men and women have found hormone called endrogen, which plays a key role in developing beard hair. Additionally, testosterone hormone produces secondary sexual characteristics in men.

This hormone delivers messages to the part of the drum popula, which is present in the hair roots. As a result, the hair grows on the face. Recent research has shown that men with scarcular hormones decreased on the face of hair.

Similarly, injection found in the hair roots, 5 alpha radios can not receive hair orrogen hormone messages even if they are reduced, and even if the beard hair is not fully grown.

But it also has a positive aspect. Experts say that men who grow hairy beard grow more often, they also get high rates of pencil, while the hair is not fully grown on the face, the good tidings of them are that the pinch rate is relatively low.