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Do not stop playing your kids with video games: research

Parents usually think of video games as an enemy of their children’s mental disorders, but modern research has proven that in addition to being able to improve children’s ability to read video games, their performance in mathematics and science also improves.

Expert team headed by Professor of the RIMIT University of Melbourne of Australia, studied the effects of children’s children’s mental development, according to which their children were able to decide on their strength and play by playing daily video games. Have good effects that help them in the field of education.

In this study, the results of ‘Program for International Students Assessment’ were used. It is an international test of 15 years of age, with information about their habits and ability to learn about the study, science and mathematics.

The results obtained from this test, known as Pisa, are published every 3 years later.

According to the study, those 15 year old children who play daily action video games, their score in science remained 17 points higher than mathematics at 15 points higher than the global average.

Why did this happen? Referring to this question, experts said that children in the Action Games have to make decisions quickly and follow them, as well as the obstacles to the game’s previous levels have to be remembered as they continue to repeat the next level. she lives. The effect of these things is on the basis of the children’s memory and strength, which help them calculate and remember their lessons. Similarly, the kids who play games with online routines, have the ability to solve problems.

Of course, all the aspects, which apparently do not belong to education, help children in improving the field of education.

However, experts have warned that this study should not be considered as a cause for violent video games because their negative effects are very dangerous. Contrary to this, they recommend that such video games in the classroom can be supported in order to help teaching.

Those who are not violent and who are going to educate in sports games. In the second part of this study, Professor has declared teaching in social media and social interruptions in children’s education.


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