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Call for iPhone users ‘Black Dot Bug’

Apple iPhone owners are now in a new trouble. They are being sent to icons that will crash their phone if clicked.

This ‘Black Dot Bug’ does exactly the same as the Watts app textbooks, which used to hurt many watts app users.

The image presented is shown that a black circle is sent between the two marks, in the text. The one hand is made, which is pointing to the circle with finger.


If you click on this notification notification, your mess app will crash and may not recover without re-installing the software again.

That’s because every time you load messages, this dangerous message will boil your app.

The YouTube channel has reported that the bug mentioned has affected iPhone 8 and iPhone tan.

This crashes the text so that many of them are hidden in the text, which is a pressure on CPU to load.

However, Apple will fix this error in upcoming updates.

Sending this dangerous message requires a lot of time, which means some people are ready to take time to stand on their friends.