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Death machine chinese machine

A specific game has been presented in China, which does not have to be convinced. A dangerous situation is placed in front of those participating in this game.After that, they are asked whether they will deal with this dangerous situation ...

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Blood will be in experiments now

Scientists have said that they have successfully achieved the blood red cells in the laboratory. The blood made in this way can be donated. Red cells can still be prepared in the laboratory, but the problem is of their quantity. The University ...

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Interesting facts about gold

Gold (gold) do not like Whether someone has a gold or not, but it is happy to get worried and knee while rising gold prices. But gold is not only a precious metal but also interesting facts. That’s the facts. * The ...

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Karachi: Rangers’ action, a large number of weapons recovered

کراچی میں رینجرز نے کارروائی کر کے  بڑی تعداد میں اسلحہ برآمد کرلیا۔ ترجمان رینجرز کے مطابق اسلحہ لیاری گینگ وار کے عزیر بلوچ گروپ نے زیر زمین چھپایا تھا۔ کراچی میں رینجرز نے خفیہ اطلاع پر پرانا گولیمار میں ...

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