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Ask your attention special attention

Today, a large number of young girls appear to be very nervous in nails, stomachs, sticks, stains, and other diseases of the face.

Due to this, the face of the face starts to end, which shows the face deprived of depression and attraction.

According to a report published on Monday in Daily Express, according to the specialists of the disease, the skin is found in the skin of the gastrointestinal, which removes a sebum, the substance exits through the skin soup. Sometimes these glands make large quantities of greasy substance that does not fit properly. Due to this, discharge discharge blockages, due to which it removes the digestive gland and forms small particles, called nail ache. But after the age of this, the acne gradually ends itself. “

Experts also say that if eating hot effect, eating unconsciously, as well as obesity, irritation, and sensitivity, racing on minds of thinking is also causing problems.Additionally, use of adolescent cereals and medicines causes this disease to increase.

Avoid colored gourmet creams

Every girl wants to be attractive and absorbent, but it is possible to take care of your face when it comes. The biggest illusion of our young girls is that they become impressed with non-standard and advertising creams, and start using them without understanding. Due to this, nail acne and stomach spots appear to be significant on the face.

Do not try to hear the batteries

Your face should never be filled with the experiences of the experiment nor try to hear the broken ears. Often the faces of the girls are clean, but in the desire to further improve them, different sticks begin to test themselves, resulting in a very good face, shines their shine and the spots are likely to emerge.

Do not use someone’s make-up equipment

There is also a habit of girls that they use unmatched items of comfort and convenience. Be careful not to use any of the make-up puffs, bases, soaps and brushes, because you do not even know how much your face or skin face is like, if the skin is clean and clean. Be careful when it is stupid.There may also be some diseases on the human skin, which do not seem to appear, but when you use things, these diseases of their face may also move on to your face or move your skin to another skin. May be.

Avoid nail acne teaser

Do not squeeze teeth with nail acne. Touching them with fingers and scratching nails may cause infection. Always wash the face with soap that does not contain fat. Mix the soap on your hands and massage the face, but do not try to rub it. After a few minutes face face with cool water, but do not face face with a cloth or towel, but also learn a face in the wind by going to the wing.

Low use of hot goods

Minimize the use of warm-effect items. Instead of sour bread, take a simple stick. Include lunch vegetables for lunch and evening. The juice juice which is very beneficial, make it as usual as a juice.

Stop biting

Seeing someone’s beautiful face, stop biting. It not only gives you mental and physical illnesses but also gives you nothing of isolation and torture. You often have seen that women who pray to be banned, their faces are bright and shiny.Washing the face five times, because of the washing of the face, the entire dust of the face and the soil is clear and the face is open open.

Useful for steam face

Hot water steam is also useful for facial cleaning. Take the steam of hot water three times a week, on your face, which open the face of the face and clear the face easily. By cooking in the kitchen, you must see that the condensed smoke is not directly on your face. Oil included in the smoke can be harmful to your face.

Ask Aspen Specialist

Generally, nail-mammals start from puberty. Initially, you should refer to a good and skilled specialist, so that they can give you proper advice by carefully examining and evaluating your skin and preventing your face from getting rid of it early.


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