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Anyone from Facebook is a smart user log-in

Have you ever logged in to Facebook to use an app?

Often when we play a game or use an app, we are given ‘Login with facebook’ or ‘Continue with facebook’ option, and we access this app using it.

But do you know the applications that you use to login to Facebook, getting your data even after closing or uninstalling them? Why have you not used them so many years ago.

Such a holiday can be obtained from this application.

Go to the Facebook menu’s ‘menu’ option, there will be a ‘setting’ option below, then click on it and then click ‘account settings’ option to set the ‘app’ option.

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As soon as you go to the Apps app, you will see the option of ‘Registered in Facebook’ above. In which you can see all the apps that have access to your Facebook data.

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You can see if you’re accessing any of your data by selling it, and you can change this setting. Or you can also get rid of this app from the option of ‘Remove app’ below.