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An error of the parent can inflict children with blood cancer

All parents wish to provide the most clean environment to their child and protect them from every kind of germs.

Scientists say that keeping the children very clean can also cause a type of blood cancer ‘leukemia’.

Freshly published research has shown that children who suffer from genetic ‘acute lymphocratic lymphia’ are not introduced to germs, the risk of disease increases.

During this research, scientists kept genetically acute lymphochemistry with the risk of lymphemia in a clean environment, when it was introduced to bacterial disease, all of them were suffering from illness.

On the contrary, the roots that were in a very neutral environment, many of them were not suffering despite the germs of many diseases.

Research also showed that the children who are admitted to such nursery, where many more children are present, they also suffer from the risk of disease because they suffer from infection of other children. Live. Which strengthens their immune system.

The research conducted by the Scientists of London Institute of Cancer Research. Professor Melgary, scientist headed by research, said that this research shows that children’s immune system should be strong in order to fight diseases and to strengthen the immune system, the children need to You have to face bacteria too.

If children live in an atmosphere that is genetically cleansed, then their immune system reduces.