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AIDS treatment may be possible with the help of the cow

American researchers say that cow can be very helpful in making vaccines to cope with HIV.

As a defense, the cow constantly creates a special antibody through which HIV can be eliminated.

It is said that there is a large number of bacteria in the digestive system digestion due to their immune potential.

The United States National Institute of Health has declared this new information best.

HIV is a deadly disease and attacks the patient’s immune system.

One vaccine can make the patient’s immune system so that it can become antibiotics due to which people are not HIV.

International AIDS vaccine affiliate and the Sukkur Research Institute started experiments on singing.

Talking to BBC News, Dr. Done Soak, a researcher, said, ‘The results of these experiences surprised us.’

He said that antibiotics for immune systems in the rhythm occur in a few weeks.

Dr. Sok said, “This was a surprise. It takes about three to five years to develop such antibiotics in human beings.

He said, ‘It is very important because before that it was not so easy.’ Who knew that cow would be helpful in the treatment of HIV.

The results published in the journal-based journal states that HIV’s effects of cow’s antibiotics can be eliminated by 20 percent in 42 days.

Laboratory tests found that in 381 days these antigens can disrupt HIV by 96 percent.

Another researcher, Dr. Denis Burton, said that the information obtained from this study is very beneficial. Animal animals are more unique than human beings and have the capability to eliminate HIV.


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