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8 ways to keep phone and data safe when it’s wet

Current generation is not possible for smartphones. Most parts of their day fall under the neck, the eyes of the screen pass over. Even taking in to the bathroom do not even avoided. Consequently the phone looks like water.

There are many reasons for sending a mobile phone. But the result is the same. Phone failure So what to do

Here are 8 ways to save you your phone and valuable data in this situation.

* Do not lie to the company

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Most smartphones have sensors, who change the color as they come in contact with liquid, so avoid making false claims, otherwise you may have to face law enforcement.

* Teaching a Hairdresser or Oven

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In both cases, the delicate electronic parts of the phone can burn and the phone can be completely dead.

* Charging

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If you leave the water in the phone, avoid charging it, you can avoid short circuit.

* Turn off immediately

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The result of using a wet phone is always bad, the device either breaks down completely or some sort of fly flies. Therefore, if it gets wet, turn it off immediately.

* Shock and clear

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If the phone falls into water, remove it, remove the correct card, memory card and battery immediately, clean it properly with dry cloth or tissue paper and shrink from different angles so that the water gets out.


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Keep the lost phone in rice bag for 24 to 48 hours, thus the moisture will end.

* Sunlight

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Sunshine is natural and safe to teach moisture. Put the wet phone back panel out to keep it in the sunset.

* Data

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Phones are rarely used after they are flooded in water, so if they turn on, move your data into another device immediately.